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Home for All

Not all of the rescued animals will find their foster families but all animals deserve a home. We support organizations that provide not only shelter but home where animals live surrounded by love and care. These organizations strive to ensure that the animals have sufficient space to roam and rest, that they receive necessary medical care, and, most importantly, that they are happy. Some of our partners have several hundred dogs at a given moment, and they would not be able to take care of them without volunteers, such as the Walk the Dog team in Moscow, Russia, which every month arranges a field trip for entire families to spend a whole day with dogs in one of the shelters.

About Us

HTP Foundation, Inc. is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization that brings together compassionate people from around the world to help abused and suffering animals and give them a better life. We support animal shelters, rescue animals, and educate the public so that all of us could enjoy a happy life on a Happy Tails Planet™ !

Our founders have many years of experience in helping animals across the world, and now they have joined their efforts to provide support to the animal shelters in need in places where animal care is not the highest priority and where dozens of selfless volunteers dedicate their time to improving the lives of animals. A Happy Tails Planet international project supported by HTP Foundation, Inc. brings together passionate people who have helped, and continue to help, dozens of abandoned dogs to find their new loving families in the United States. All of our activities are solely focused on providing animal welfare with no financial benefit or incentive to the founders of our organization.


Our partner organizations rescue homeless and abandoned animals who more than ever need love and care. Rescued animals are evaluated and provided with all necessary medical care that includes vaccination, deworming and parasite treatment, and spaying and neutering. Injured animals undergo surgeries and spend time under inpatient care until they fully recover.

Our partner organizations have dozens of friendly animals looking for a new life in a caring family. We invite you to look through our photo album and let us know if you are interested in adopting a pet. If you are not sure yet, you are welcome to send us your contact information and we will be happy to keep you informed of our new residents.

A Very Special Project

Recently, we have discovered an amazing place for dogs and cats, the "Domashniy" (literally – At Home) shelter in the outskirts of Greater Moscow (, which participates in A Happy Tails Planet international project. Every year Domashniy connects about 300 dogs with their foster families and provides vaccination and neutering to 3,500 stray dogs. Domashniy is "home sweet home" for several hundred stray and abandoned animals who are saved by the staff and volunteers and who enjoy "free" medical care, daily activities and, of course, nutritious meals.

Since its inception in 2003, Domashniy runs and grows thanks to the efforts of its charismatic founder, Ilona Bronevitskaya. 

Ilona, an actress and TV personality, used her own savings to purchase a plot of land for the shelter, hire staff, and provide supplies, and she continues to finance most of the operation with her own funds. More importantly, Ilona uses her social status to educate the public about effective and humane methods of reducing the number of stray and homeless animals and to promote animal welfare. Due to Ilona's tireless efforts, Domashniy is growing fast and is currently housing up to 700 animals. 

We were fascinated by the Domashniy story and invited Ilona to become our advisor and help us fulfill our mission - to promote respect and compassion for all creatures through humane education and to build together a Happy Planet for all!

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